17 November 2011

i am freaking fat!!!!

hi there peeps
we meet again..heheh
owhh...am a little bit stress, all of my shirts and pants seems like shrinking..
ahahaha...its not the...its me getting biggaaa....like a monstaaaa...
and for 2 days...ive started doing yoga, hehehe
thanks for youtube, i dont have to go to yoga classes and pay a fees..hehehe

#wish me luck..
#till then peeps...

14 November 2011

that i like

# from facehunter/alltheprettybirds.
# ill be posting the others soon....see ya...

with mr yellow

hi peeps
and we meet again hehehe.
been so not in a mood for updating, and i don't know what to write or post, of my life is not that great
hehehe for the moment being I've start using mr yellow for onlining thinggy, its been a few day and seems like everything is okkey..with the coverage and everything...so ill hope everything will run smooth all the milky way...thanks Mr yellow..till next post peeps..
take care

# ive been blacklist from mr blue...hehehe...
# to my lovely peeps...thnks for visiting...i love ya..XOXO :D

10 July 2011

my touch n go card

hi peeps
its like ages ago that ive post something
ehehe...and like there's a lots of readers passing by here
huhuh..anyway its like ages ago i want to have my own touch n go card
and for some reason ( ehehe malas/laziness actually )i just bought my touch an go last month..on my way to shah alam..congrats to me...huhuhu
PS: ill load the picture later ya...

18 June 2011

early bday

hai peeps
had a great early bday at tgi fridays one utama
nyium nyium..1000 thanks to bub.nad.dennaehehe...and zarul,sam and moon for cheering us up..
huhuhu...had a realy great fun and memorble memory....
my bday is on 24 june by the way...uhuhu

14 March 2011

Currently Reading

The Tamar jalis ghost story via http://tamarjalis.blogspot.com
The da vinci code novel (bought last year)

23 February 2011

life is getting tougher

am on deep stresssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

11 February 2011

02 January 2011


its me again.
for a 4th time in a row
uhuhu...hey its already 2011
plust one more number in my age...urghh..
what i need to do this year is:
1 to get a great job ( with big amount of salary )
2 do my passport
3 lots and lots and i mean it, a lots of th-rifting to do
4 travelling abroad
5 bangkok....owhhhh bangkok....wait for me...ahahaha
6 blablablablablablabla..

told you yet?

hi again peeps..
uhuhu...see that movie poster..
it is a great funny malay movie...worth watching..

bla bla bla....hey you....

hi again peeps..
quite sleepy its 06:07 am in second day of 2011
but i dont knoew why...theres a bit of emotion to updated my blog..
and suddenly i am clueless..
bye peeps

happy 2011

hi peeps
happy 2011...
still jobless
someone specialless