26 May 2009

Tagged By Adik

They Called you:
::My fmly call me adik
you are:
:: Moddy
:: Love food
:: shopaholic
:: Fat
:: Fagot.
:: unattractive

Love one??Describe why he/she is your love one:
:: My Abah and Arwah Mak
:: My Family
:: MY Fweinds

Your Favorite song:
:: No Specific song for the moment

Your Favorite food:

Your Favorite Color

Three things inside your bag:
:: purse
:: hset
:: my i-pod shuffle

The last time u cried, and why?:
:: cant remember....

Done doing tag by adik....i don't want to tag anyone for the moment...


eija said...

huhuh..akhirnya jawab gak yer
tima kasih

mimi momo kodomo lion said...

Adik: sama2.....yg bwh tu aku da jwp...bnyk kali aku tukar color font..die jdik blnk mcm tu gak..geram aku....

artfieda said...

a'ah..awat tanampak??

mimi momo kodomo lion said...

Pidot: aku puas da tukor2 kaler...x mao gak die timbul...tu la resultnye...ngehehehe